Welcome to Klara's World

My name is Klara. I'm 25 and I enjoy drawing, 3D-modelling, amateur web-development, gaming and rollerblading! I also dabble in making music, video editing and programming.

I plan to host more images of my OCs here, stories, things that interest me and maybe comics. There are some links on the sidebar that'll show you around and give you some OC information.

Animated GIF which has Havneby as scrolling text. On the right side is a tan pony with salmon pink hair and yellow eyes.

Stay true to yourself.
Welcome to Cyber Heaven.

Colby is a chocolate coloured labrador retriever.

He makes music for a living, and is married to his husband, Maxwell.

The music he makes is a genre I call Technical Soft Punk.

Drawing of Colby
Made by Artemis.

Max is a ragdoll cat.

Max makes art and is a front end web developer for a living. He's happily married to his husband, Colby.

He often makes art with the focal point being nostalgia

Drawing of Maxwell
Made by Amalie.

Bailey is a romney sheep.

He's dating a girl named Trish. Before that he was dating Richie.

He works at an where he recently became the owner.

Drawing of Bailey
Made by Madison.

Richie's a swan.

He's single, and works as a programmer both for himself and a company. Used to date Bailey.

While the company he's at doesn't quite respect him, he's okay with it, as it's temporary.

Drawing of Richie
Made by Artemis.

Trish is a great pyreneese.

She's the manager at a , and is dating Bailey.

She finds that she needs a change of work. Management is too stressful, but it pays well.

Drawing of Trish
Made by me!

Snack Frosty is the ice cream parlour which Bailey owns and operates.

The name is a play on words of the military term "stay frosty".

Bailey's been working there for 7 years as of now.

Max and Colby met Bailey while he was working. The three hit it off well, and became good friends.

Richie was introduced later when Max and Colby took him there for a snack. It was then that Richie got to know Bailey and subsequently got a crush on him.

The restaurant in which Trish is the manager.

Makes simple, but delicious meals. Focusing mainly on homemade style food.

Gets fairly busy at times, which keeps Trish occupied.